Photography, Here I Come!


It was inevitable. Geeks like expensive toys, and beautiful stuff, and what more beautiful and expensive than photography? Every single geek that I know is into photography somehow: Francois-Olivier Bergeron, one of my oldest friend’s brother and bigtime tech enthousiast has been sporting higher end Canon DSLR stuff for over a year now, Mark Langenfeld, an ex-coposter from (sadly, I stopped posting there :() also is into urban photography, let’s face it, I was doomed to start taking pictures myself.

Of course, I’ve been taking pictures for a while now with the Sony DSC-S500 that my parents bought me a couple of Christmases ago, but the camera just ain’t cutting it anymore. I need some more high end stuff.

I’ve been looking around for a camera for about 2 to 3 months now, but it’s really only 2 weeks ago that my choiced landed on the Nikon D40. The infamous DPreview gives it an excellent rating, and for a noob like me who is looking for a quality entry DSLR, it’s price tag and feature set is awesome. I’ve also seen some wicked sample shots on Flickr, everything to prime me into buying it.

This afternoon, all I was supposed to buy was a cap. I ended up, partially dued to my own hast of buying and some pressure from the salesman, I ended up buying the D40 kit, which includes a Nikkor 18-55 lense. I cannot find the correct words to express how hyped I am about this camera… I sense this is the beginning of something great. One of my dad’s friends who is a pro photographer AND fully Nikon equipped also said that I could probably borrow some lenses once in a while, so that’s a plus too. According to the salesman, it’ll be here by friday of next week. Just look at this thing.

I'm having the impression that this camera will induce a lot of other expensive purchases: filters, lenses, a tripod, the Peleng fisheye I've been looking at.... eh. You gotta put your money somewhere, right?

In those times, I'm happy to be a Flickr Pro user :).