Broken = Broke


The summer was off to a pretty good start until last Wednesday. I had my new bike, I was getting better and better day by day, the weather was wonderful, I had my PCs back at home for rainy days, and my camera was on order for taking pics on pics.

After my shift on Wednesday, I headed to my bike to wait for my lift to drop by and bring me back home. I started messing around with 180s, and to my surprise I was now able to do the entire rotation, even a little 20 degrees over what was needs. I told myself that I could probably land it with a rollback if I get enough speed, so I give myself a little boost, going about 10 - 15 kmh, not excessively fast, lifted off and gave myself a big ass spin. I sure spinned a lot, and pretty up high too… but then my rear wheel landed first, wayyy too early, and I go flying. Bang on the pavement, my arm shoots out towards the ground to absorb the impact, my entire left side takes the shock, while my right leg hits the pedals.

At first, I thought my leg was the worst thing, because I have several time been hit in the past weeks, to the point where it was kinda bluish and swelled. Turns out that 15 minutes later, my wrist is hurting like crap, to a point where I can’t move it. I think it’s just muscular, but the day after, it hurts even more. Later the day after, I get rushed to the hospital in Louiseville, where I get some X-rays taken, just to get transfered to my hometown hospital. That’s where the doctor breaks it to me: fractured scaphoid. See what wikipedia has to say about that.

It can be slow to heal because of the limited circulation to the bone. Fortunately, it is relatively difficult to break, but is the most commonly fractured bone in the carpus, particularly because of its unique anatomy and position within the wrist. Approximately 60% of carpal fractures are scaphoid fractures. Fractures of the scaphoid must be recognized and treated quickly, as prompt treatment is the key to proper healing. Delays may complicate healing. Even rapidly immobilized fractures may require surgical treatment, including use of the Herbert screw to bind the two halves together.

To say that my dad didn’t want me to go to the hospital… lol. So as a result I’m 1 month in a super-stiff fiberglass cast, and the doctor who inspected me wanted me to stop working and biking for 8 weeks. That’s two months. That’s also 2000$.

Considering the fact that I already did a deposit for my camera, that I still have this month’s phone bill to pay, and that I’m out of work without invalidity insurance, I’m back to living off my parent’s wallet again. This means two things: first, my dignity has been badly shattered since I am no longer financially independent and can’t do half of the things I used to do alone, and second, I’m shit poor. And when I say shit poor, I mean, SHIT POOR. Like, “I can’t even pay my domain renewal which is expiring in less than half a month” poor.

Oh, and it also means that all my projects are also either put on hold or on slow-mo: migrating this forum to PHPBB3 and modding a theme for it? Not with only one hand to type with. Prepping, painting and modding my Rocketfish case for project Bloody Bridget? I think not. Updating both of my blogs more often. Ha. The only thing I will be doing is photography, and that’s if I get to mod my cast to act as a pseudo-tripod for holding my camera. No swimming. No biking. No showers, only baths. Can somebody say gay summer?

That said, my thoughts go to everybody living with a real handicap. This little incident has made me think about what it would be like to live with a serious injury or medical condition. I can’t ride my bike for half a summer, people who lose an arm in a work accident can’t ride at all. If I’m depressed for such a small injury, what would it be like to learn that from one day to the next, you’ll have to live with a severe injury and every complication that it brings? People who live as normally as they can with a physical handicap, those people are the true brave, and should be taken as an example. Shout out to you guys.

The last paragraph was edited because it contained badly written material which may have offended some people.