Twitter Now On Facebook


I had previously Googled up a Facebook app for Twitter after seeing the developers service that FB offered, and the only thing I found was some half finished application which didn’t seem to do much. Now, only a few days after my initial discovery of the incomplete plugin, Twitter advertises its official Facebook plugin on the profile page of each member.

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Optimus Maximus: 'Board for the Rich


Artlebedev has done it again. The Russian design firm recently came up with one of the most interesting keyboards I have seen up to no. Usually, keyboard have preset shortcut keys which do a preprogrammed action, like change volume and things of the such, and when you’re lucky, the company supplies an application to modify how these keys behave. Today, this is standard, and even 10 dollar keyboards come with at least a half dozen of shortcut keys, but the Optimus Maximus takes the idea of hotkeys even further, making them dynamic keys.

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My Dream Gaming PC


Hardware is to a geek as theft is to a kleptomaniac, and there is no deny it. Sure, we can take your 300 mhz K6 and your 200 mhz Pentium 2’s and make something useful out of it, but a real geek wants at least one box that has it all, style, performance… basically stuff to make LAN-party buddies drool on. Everybody is dreaming about that killer 10K$ rig with dual 8800 GTX, 8 gigs of Corsair dominator, and overclocked QX6800, but let’s get real, I don’t know one person under 25 that can afford such a box without having a sponsorship, that or missing out on food for a couple of months in order to gather some additional cash.

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Jinx T-Shirts FTW!


A few days ago, I was all excited about it: I was ordering my first piece of clothes from the mighty interweb. I had been dreaming for long of the day where I could wear shirts that nowhere understood, shirts that declared publicly that I could smoke your ass in a game of W:ET. ThinkGeek is one of my friends’ favorites, and they do have really cool code and development orientated shirts, but for me, more of a gamer type, I prefer Jinx. I had been salivating over many of the Jinx shirts, and that day, I was about to file my very first order.

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Gaim Returns Under Name Pidgin


Before, like all noob worthy of that appellation, back in the days where I had no friends (on the internet), I used to live with one soul instant messaging client, that is MSN Messenger. Of course, from age ten and later, I got a bit better at my practices and downloaded a bit of extensions and tweaks, amongst those were the very famous Messenger Plus and several of the plugins available for it. For Messenger versions 6 & 7, I was pretty much hooked on Messenger Plus. Of course, sometimes I would go wild in one of my Linux/Open source follies, and I ended up trying several remakes of messenger clients, amongst which many browser-based clients like eBuddy and Meebo, and eventual, I stumbled upon Gaim, probably the most known cross-platform, cross-protocol, plugin-extensible messenger client out there. For me and at that time, it was wonderful for two reasons:

  1. It could support numerous logins on numerous protocols, something that I really found cool be really never used.
  2. It was open source, which back in the day was an incentive by itself. If it was open source but I didn't need it, I had it anyways, just because I thought it was cool supporting GNU and GPL and stuff.

Despite these two reasons, several features, or lack of features, made me uninstall Gaim, stuff like the raw ugliness of the buddy list, those cheesy, old-skool, Gnome-style icons, which for reason I couldn’t bare, and the lack of support for the brand new funky feature on MSN Messenger 7, “personal messages”, that customizable sub-nickname that could display what tune you were listening to. I thought that this new feature was essential, so I ditched it, and went back to my old habits.

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