Jinx T-Shirts FTW!


A few days ago, I was all excited about it: I was ordering my first piece of clothes from the mighty interweb. I had been dreaming for long of the day where I could wear shirts that nowhere understood, shirts that declared publicly that I could smoke your ass in a game of W:ET. ThinkGeek is one of my friends’ favorites, and they do have really cool code and development orientated shirts, but for me, more of a gamer type, I prefer Jinx. I had been salivating over many of the Jinx shirts, and that day, I was about to file my very first order.

Some 4-5 business days later, including a 2 day weekend, I finally got them. In a USPS envelope, there they were, my 3 t-shirt, ever so precious symbols of geekness that I could wear. I had order 3 very different t-shirts, all size large, these models to be more precise:

Hak.5 T-Shirt Pownstar T-Shirt As Long As They Fear

I was very happy with the quality of those shirts. My parents in the past had been worried with the quality of shirts bought on the internet, and I was quick to correct them: I knew several people with such shirts, with no quality problems whatsoever. The fabric turns out to be just the right thickness, and the stitching very appropriate and the printing very clean and resistant.

Notice that first shirt on top of my list. Yup, that’s Hak.5. Jinx has a program where it can print designs from a tech-orientated podcast or site or whatever, so you can buy your favorite site’s merchandise at a cheaper price and still support your favorite online community.  I know that Hak.5, Digg and IsoHunt are currently partners, but you’ll have to check the site for a more detailed list.

Prices were also very interesting. At just a tad more than 60$CAN, it’s equivalent or cheaper than buying a 20$ in a store, plus, you get the mad designs that only the internet has the offer.

Also, Jinx offers a picture “contest” where you can submit a picture of you in your favorite Jinx swag and get either free stickers or a 15$ gift card exchangeable for more geeky merchandise. I have submitted one of mine so far, and looking forward to see how the sticker dispensing process will work.

This is definitely not my last online buy. I’m still waiting for one more shirt from PurePwnage, but for now, my e-merchant experience has been an enjoyable one.