Project Fr0stByte: Power Supply Unit


When one builds a PC, one first begins by listing the components: I want this RAM, this proc, this mobo, this, this, this and that. On initial planning, pretty much all the pieces are planned, ahead, and I said almost because on too many occasions, a crucial yet too often over-seen component is left out: the power supply.

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Project Fr0stByte is Underway


As you know if you’ve been reading my blog for the last year or so (which you probably haven’t), I purchased my laptop almost exactly 11 months from now, as my very first computer. At the time, I was amazed by the fact that I had my very own computer, where I could install and download whatever the hell I want. Plus, having used a shared Compaq Presario sporting a huge Celeron 1.7 ghz, 386 Mb of RAM and a shittyass motherboard and very limited hard disk space, I thought that my laptop performed like a beast. So for about a year, I’ve been doing random stuff with my laptop and just generally having fun with my “kickass” hardware. This summer however, with the intense stir about the Core 2 Duos and the wide-spreading of the Nvidia 8 series, I decided that maybe I needed something slightly more powerful: a kickass desktop rig to rock at LAN parties and such.

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I have New Mail: A Motorola U6 PEBL


Here it is, my latest piece of electronics bought on ebay: a brand spankin new Moto PEBL. My parents and I have been discussing the purchase of a cell phone (or I have been stressing them to, might I say), and after a whole week of heated arguments, I had purchased this baby and my contract.

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