Fr0stByte: Case and PSU Received... And a Little Extra


Finally, after two and half weeks of waiting, I finally received the chassis components for this build: a Thermaltake Armor Jr. in black for the case, and an Ultra X-Finity 600w power supply unit.

Let’s start off with the case: I was awestruck while unboxing this. I had read everywhere from reviews and such that for a mid tower case, but it’s only when I say it that I truly believed it. I thought that a mid-tower was going to be a tight fit for a build like this, but it’s wayyyy enough. The case is very clean with the aluminum wings on the front, the side window is well constructed and the whole thing is just of very good quality in general. The only part that looks a bit flimsy is the top access for USB, Firewire and audio ports, which is made out of “Made in China” quality plastic, which isn’ that dramatic since it is on top. The whole thing is very easy to disassemble, might it be for interior or exterior access. Inside, the drive bays are very well layed out, and there is plenty of room for the motherboard and components. Be careful when installing a power supply, it does require that you dismount the top panel. I don’t know about the performance of this part for myself yet, but so far the quality and looks from this case don’t disappoint me.

Second up, the power supply. While unwrapping it, I was somewhat disappointed to see that Geekdeal had done an enormous error on their product description. On the product description page, it shows a stock picture of the X-finity, only it’s an older version that sports 2 fans on the sides instead of on the bottom. I got the fan on the bottom version, which initially disappointed me (in what way is it practical to blow hot PSU air IN the case?), but then, I read the product description again, and found out that they had only inversed the pictures, and had sent in a better product than the one on the original page. Turnes out that the X-finity that I received sports an Active PFC and has and MSRP of 119$USD. I got it for 100$CAD shipped. Pwned.

In addition to the two items, I also got a nice red envelop with the letter COD on them. Hrmm… 92$ of brokerage fees, courtesy of Customs Canada. My dad called me up while I was on break at work to announce this. At first, it was quite a surprise, but after all, I had been warned to not buy too much stuff from the US by a gamer friend of mine who also got caught ordering large pieces from ebay. Now I can only but curse ground shipping and be extra careful for the purchases to come.

Beside the unexpected 100$ of brokerage that will surely retard my build by a bit, I am pretty happy with my purchases. As always, be on the lookup for more updates, I will surely review my components for Epinions shortly.

Check out the unboxing galleries for the PSU and for the case.