Cable Management Saves the Day!


After lots of hesitation on if I should or not give another shot at what I used to proudly call a “cable optimization job”, I finally got off my chair to crawl under my desk and get the damned thing done. After some 2 hours of  messing around my case in a spine-bending posture, it’s done.



Turns out it was pretty easy too. Thermaltake, being the best cooling product company that they are, design the left side panel on the Armor JR so that there is a good ~10mm of clearance between the motherboard tray, and ideal place for stuffing the overly long power cables that my X-finity has. Appropriately bundled and tied to the mobo tray with electrical tape, it's a zero cable clutter solution. For the extra long cables, I could even bundle them up and stick them next to the powersupply, which gave me a clearance of something like 30 mm. Not a cable escapes the routing: the SATA power cables and molex are placed beneath the side panel and come out from the bottom slot of the hard drive bay, the top bezel pinning connectors are also routed the same way, and even the bigass 24 pin connector was butted against the MB plate, to then come out from the thin gap between the 5.25 drive bay rack and the motherboard. As for the molex which used to spoil the entire bottom right corner of my window, I have hidden them in the bottom 5.25" bay below the blue fan, and after carefully having routed all the fan cables, connected all the fan molex under there. It's a tight fit, but it does the job.

Results? 4C off my idle temperatures, thanks to an almost perfectly cable free path from the front panel to the back fan, which also includes my CPU cooler. That and a presentation grade PC. With the window on, the only cables really visible are the ugly stock, uber long SATA cable, the PCI-e power connection going to my 8800 GTS SC that I am getting next Tuesday, and the USB pinning for the bezel at the top of my case, which I don't want to pin up because that means looking through the motherboard manual.

 Now that the 8800 is purchased, the to-do list on this build is getting shorter and shorter.

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As you probably already know, WP 2.3 was a big release, the biggest addition to this version has to be the built in tags support. Since Marko had written about how he was going to use tags for everything from now on, I have decided that  I might as well put a little bit of time on it myself, and hop into the web 2.0 tag bandwagon. Problem was that my Wordpress theme, dirtylicious, didn’ tsupport the new tagging system.

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How I Wish I Were a Handyman


I was just in my basement soldering some stuff when I thought about it. Everybody likes crafts, without exception… some people type it up, some people cut it and glue it, some put it together and paint it. I have not, even once in my life, seen somebody who did not like to create something with his or her hands. But when it comes to skill, not everyone is gifted for creating stuff, and looking back, I think that I fit into the latter category.

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