Waiting is so long...


Just recently, I bought my monitor from Futureshop, the sick LG Flatron L196WTQ-BF pictured above. It kicks some serious ass. Sure, it isn’t the biggest, it’s only a 19 incher, but check that out: 3000 to 1 contrast ratio, 2 ms second response time, up to 75 hz vertical refresh, really, it’s a neat monitor, specially for the teeny weeny 230$ taxes included that I put on it. Heck, its no joke, after a bit looking at it for a couple of seconds, the screen on my laptop looks yellow and really, really dim. One of the best purchases of the month.

BUT! There is a but. Fr0stByte recently got dissembled, and I have returned my 8800 GTS, just because it’s way inferior to the newer GT, and I was planning on getting one of those said GTs. Problem is, nobody, from Tiger to Futureshop to PC shops near me can have it on order, and I can’t even dream about finding it in stock somewhere. I’m thinking, well I’ll have to wait for it to be in stock again, and in the meanwhile I’ll buy a crap video card just to run off, that’s at least better than my 12 year old 3dFX Voodoo that I’m currently running off. I find this card on ebay: a 7300 LS, for 30$ shipped, so I buy it right away, but the shipping takes forever, and even now, after a week of waiting, I still haven’t seen a USPS package for me, probably because of the stupid American Thanksgiving. Then, just to piss me off, the 8800 GT comes back in stock at NCIX. BUT I JUST BOUGHT A 30$ CARD, AND I’M 20$ SHORT! And to add to that, my parents won’t lend me the 20$, despite the fact that I can more than easily pay it back at my next paycheck, with the arguement that I have already spent too much money on my computer. Noobs.

All of this resulting in the following: I’m running Vista off a PCI video card with support for nothing, running a superb widescreen monitor at 4:3 resolutions, I bought a lesser video card which is taking forever to ship, and I have to wait another 2 weeks in order to be able to play a decent game.

It’s in those moments that I just wanna get off the internets and mix up a batch of jankem.