Rona, le fisc et la dérive de fonction - Prince Arthur Herald


Bien peu de gens y verrons un problème à ce que Rona soit défait en cour. La défenderesse est une compagnie, un monstre sans visage ayant comme seule motivation le profit; dans un cas traitant d’évasion fiscale, son opposition est suspecte au mieux. Pourtant, l’enjeux me semble plus large: devrais-t-on imposer à grand coûts le travail d’être un délateur fiscal? Au-delà de l’information habituellement contenue dans le rapport d’impôt, quelle information le fisc peut-il nous exiger de remettre? Si un de mes proches est sujet d’un audit, quelle sorte de “renseignements ou documents” serais-je contraint de fournir? Combien d’heures non-rémunérés m’obligeront-ils à travailler pour faire le recensement de ces renseignements? Voulons-nous vraiment d’une société de snitch?

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Raid-Proof Your FreeNAS with USBKill


By virtue of being a very multi-functional appliance in most settings, a FreeNAS machine has the potential to be a very sensible part of your rack. Even if you don’t use jails or VMs to host anything, it’s still a fileserver at the bare minimum, which means it hosts your data. I don’t think I need to emphasize that protecting your data is important. FreeNAS being built on ZFS, the appliance integrates robust encryption from the get-go, but disk encryption alone leaves several attack vectors wide-open.

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Storj, The “Sharing” Economy and Why It Matters


The sharing economy is a buzzword which has gained enormous traction despite the fact that it remains misunderstood, in my opinion. The luddite politicians who have been vocal against it on the grounds that it’s a dishonest loophole for escaping regulatory frameworks have it obviously wrong, but I feel that even enthusiastic participants and users probably haven’t considered all it’s implications. It’s not just about creating internet marketplaces for everything. The true genius of the sharing economy is twofold.

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In Defense of Political Radicals


Sometimes, life imitates shitposting. Under the guise of conducting research, I’ve come to join and like an absolutely inordinate amount of politically-inclined shitposting groups and pages. It’s bad, to the point where normie posts about meals, trips and life achievements have been completely drowned out in political compass memes and ancap smileys. Right around the time where radical centrist memes began making an appearance in my favourite meme group, I became aware of a piece by Hunter Maats which perfectly represents everything that’s wrong behind the idea that inspired the meme.

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