Reppin' Animal


Believe it or not, it is because of Animal that I started to ride BMX. Back in the days in 8th, maybe 9th grade, we used to sneak into the school’s computer lab to watch some random Youtube videos. One day a friend of mine, I can’t recall if he now rides or not, came in and showed us a video entitled “Animal BMX Roadtrip”. I was blown away, and next thing you know I was replacing my stolen hybrid with a BMX, a DK Fury. Ill suited for a freestyle bike, but that’s the best I had access to at the time.

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Converting Windows Server 2008 R2 to a Workstation OS


In a previous post, I already told you how you can get a free, fully legit copy of Windows Server 2008 R2 directly from Microsoft if you are a student in pretty much any renown college or university. However, I understand that it is not exactly practical for anybody to run an unaltered server OS, as there are generally quite a couple of components missing for everyday use.

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Meet the Malum


If you’ve been following my Twitter, you’ve known it for a while now: I have been craving for a fixed gear for a while now. The interest was spawned last summer when I started reading BikeSnobNYC, which led me to places like Fyxomatosis, Prolly is not Probably, and Trackosaurus Rex. I did my research, look around for offerings other than a Bianchi Pista, because you know, for one it’s pretty expensive, and second, everybody and his grandmother has one. So when Subrosa hinted on twitter that they had a fixed gear in the works, I knew that the stuff was going to be pretty interesting. More information was released about halfway into summer: MSRP was going to be 650$USD, 800$CAD according to my highly unscientific guesstimation. I was ecstatic: a badass fixie from a highly respect BMX brand for under a grand? As soon as the release to public was announced on Subrosa’s website, I immediately inquired at my bike shop.

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