Auto Backup for Unifi CloudKey


Working with Ubiquiti gear is a wild ride; the ecstasy of deploying enterprise-grade gear for the borderline absurd prices that the Edge and Unifi lines enable is all to often ruined by the agony of buggy firmware, features that were promised on GA releases that are still not implemented 2 years later, and questionable business decisions regarding certain product lines. One of the recent frustrations I’ve had wasbeing forced into buying a CloudKey+ in order to run a fully updated version of Unifi Protect, after years of fully self-hosting all my stuff.

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Standard TOTP 2nd Factor Authentication (2FA) on AzureAD and Office 365


I recently migrated from Google Apps to Office 365 for my personal emails, and seeing that I wanted to more or less replicate exactly what I had with Google, on the elements on my migration checklist was setting up 2FA.

Sadly, 2FA is another place where Microsoft tried to reinvent the wheel and put out an Authenticator app of their own, completely disregarding the fact that standard TOTP works perfectly fine, totally secure, and familiar to anybody who gives half a hoot about security.  

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Quitter la plantation


Aujourd’hui, Catherine Fournier a quitté la politique pour les bonnes raisons, et va probablement en payer le prix d’une défaite électorale cuisante aux prochaines élections provincials, en plus de se faire allégrement invectiver jusqu’à la fin de son mandat.

Quand on lit les commentaires sur le statut Twitter qui annonce son départ du PQ ou le tweet subséquent, on comprend rapidement pourquoi elle quitte. La tempête de boomer qui l’accuse de trahison donne entièrement raison à sa démarche, qui pourtant a été présentée d’une manière qui n’aurait pas pu être plus prudente et respectueuse. Son intention est facile à comprendre: elle quitte pour explorer les avenues possible pour l’accession à la souverainté, sans les restrictions associées à une affiliation partisane. Le mouvement souverainiste qui est bien connu pour la décapitation sommaire de ses chefs et des luttes de pouvoir internes qui semblent franchement désagréables; peut-on vraiment lui reprocher de vouloir opérer hors de cet environnement?

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FreeNAS + RancherOS, my NAS Docker Stack


I’ve been a FreeNAS user since the 8.x days, having decided to ditch a self-hosted file server based off Fedora with a pretty basic MDADM + ext3fs storage setup. Running on commodity hardware, the prior setup was fine, but little other than an extensible NAS that was somewhat of a hassle to manage and keep updated. FreeNAS and it’s plugins jails promised to do most of what I was doing beforehand, in an appliance format that is much easier to maintain.

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