New Project: Laptop Stand Version 2


If you have seen the pre-crash version of this site, you have probably the carpenting Frankenstein that is the laptop stand that I am currently using. Well, times had changed, and I plan on getting a new desktop with a 20 inch LCD, which will take up some major space on my desk, space that I do not posses at the moment. Sure, Having another computer will relocated my server and IRC box Redbull to some place in a closet, hence freeing my of the clunky IBM E74 CRT that I currently have plugged on it, but the hunk of plywood and MDF that I call a cooler is still a really big piece on my desk. To save all that space that it’s using, I have thought up a slimmer stand, made of plexi or acrylic this time. Click on the preview below to see the full size schematic I drew on a wonderful lined sheet of paper in French class. It’s pretty self explanatory.

 Keep watching for some updates, I'm working now, so this project might actually work.