Joining the Facebook Bandwagon:


Looks like Facebook is really getting some major attention with the creation of it’s apps program. In a prior post, I have talked about Twitter having a Facebook plugin, but now world-reknown musical social networking site is also getting it’s share with it’s very own Facebook app.

Like the Twitter app, it is easily installed right from the Facebook Applications panel, and from there very little configuration is required to get it working, you only actually need your username, then the application gets the feeds right away and you are ready to roll. It features a button to launch your personal radio station with your favorite tunes (via the client), a pretty little mosaic with your top artists, and of course plenty of links to your profile. It can also be configured for various options, like color of the radio button (preselected colors only), but unfortunately, changing what your docklet displays is not an option yet.

Although it lacks flexibility, I think the plugin is a great initiative one their part, and I am hoping that this will draw more people to the wonder that is and audioscrobbling.

The Facebook/ app is here, and if you want more information about, just for ahead and explore their site. I used to have an article on that… but I lost it with the SQL f-up thing :(.