In for a Rough Ride


Sadly, dued to my bricked wrist and money issues, I am not currently in a position to renew my hosting plan with Josh, who has been hosting my blog from the start, about 2 years ago.

In order for my blog to not totally go down, I managed to get WP working on my home server after lots of messing around. You can now reach my site at Be aware that this situation is temporary, which makes it even more frustrating. I’m losing all my linkage, my pagerank, risking my domain, and getting a big chunk of my web presence taken away, which is not fun, specially since I sent out resumes linking to my site to potential employers.

“Oh, how leet is that guy, he has a site… loads page is unavailable Wow, just another nooblet.”

Not fun. I’ll be trying to buy my domain back as soon as I can and point it to my home… but downtime still sucks.

Domain is set to expire on June 4th. Wish me luck.