Logitech G5: Probably the Best All-Around Mouse


Today, I reviewed my Logitech G5 mouse, which I’ve been using for about a year now.

Out of the packaging, you know this mouse means business. The packaging, while on par with other comparable mice, is eye-catching, the only aspect that really impressed me is the little tin box of the weights. The mouse itself looks great. I don't know if the newer version chips with any other paint job than the one I have, but the crackle black on blue background looks great, and feels even better. Unlike my friend's first revision G7 which I've used lots of times, this mouse doesn't feel disgusting when your hands are moist from gaming marathons. The build quality is superb, and I wasn't expecting anything less from a Logitech product. While the mouse's body is quite light without the weight cartridge, is still feels solid. Also, the sleeving on the mouse's cable is a very nice touch.

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