, Now with TAGS!


As you probably already know, WP 2.3 was a big release, the biggest addition to this version has to be the built in tags support. Since Marko had written about how he was going to use tags for everything from now on, I have decided that  I might as well put a little bit of time on it myself, and hop into the web 2.0 tag bandwagon. Problem was that my Wordpress theme, dirtylicious, didn’ tsupport the new tagging system.

Luckily for me, I ran into another blog article on how to add tags to my current theme. Because of the way Wordpress is written, in a very modular fashion, and because of how clean the CSS in dirtylicious is, I was able to integrate tags very easily into the single.php page, which handles the display of individual articles. I found that tags were too bulky on the index, so I didn’t put any, but that’s my personal preference.

I think that the tags nicely compliment my site, and hopefully, what SEO dudes keep telling us about tags is true and I’ll get a couple more search engine hits with this practice.

For your leisure, I have included the modded theme files in a zip, so you too can take full advantage of tagging. Have fun.

Download em!