Fr0stByte: RAM Has Arrived


I was expecting my motherboard before my RAM, but just yesterday, I have received the Corsair memory modules that I have order almost exactly 2 weeks ago.

Although they do not feature fancy features like the DHX heat sinks, these sticks promise to perform great in my new system. The set is composed of two sticks of pair-matched 1 gig modules, which are dual channel enabled, run at speeds of DDR2 PC6400, which is 800 mhz, and sport latencies of 4-4-4-12. They are also EPP and SLI certified, and passively cooled with what looks like aluminum heat spreaders, but apart from looking cool, I don’t think that an aluminum, bladeless sleeve is enough to cool these bad boys significantly. For what concerns cooling, I don’t now if I’ll upgrade to active cooling some time, but both the Dominator Airflow and Thermaltake CycloCool RAM fans look interesting.

Next up, the motherboard. I should recieve this tommorow, or if not, in the beggining ofnext week. After that, I only need a hard drive and processor (both getting bought today), and it can boot.

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