Fr0stByte: Motherboard is Here

Post by Maxime Rousseau

Finally, a piece that makes my case finally look like something useful has arrived. It came in a brown box which in the beginning made me ask myself if I had order a Blendtec Industrial Blender or an EVGA mobo. In the end it was indeed a mobo, and a kick-arse one if I might add. Performance specs:

In addition to be really, really hot performance wise, or at least theoretically, it is also very visually appealing. I was expecting the slick black PCB and all, which in itself is very cool, but there was more, much more. The motherboard is fitted with 3-4 tiny LEDs, one which indicates that power reaches the board, and the others indicating POST error messages, very useful for overclocking, since there is no speaker pinning on the board for a case speaker to broadcast POST messages through. Also very neat is the onboard digital display, which according to me will give the system temperature once I get a processor mounted in there.

Check out my unboxing gallery.

Also, since this is one of the biggest parts, I was able to start installing stuff in my case and optimizing the whole thing. The ever so long power supply cables are all now neatly folded out of sight, and I mounted a temporary CD drive to get an idea of what the finished product will look like. I`ve setup a flickr gallery for that right here.