Why Aussant's Option Nationale Will Fail



I’m currently reading a book, Political Parties: A Sociological Study of the Oligarchical Tendencies of Modern Democracy by Robert Michels. It’s first part deals with the paradox between the idea of democracy and the necessity for hierarchical organisation, then goes on to describe the psychological predispositions of human beings that permits the formation of a ruling class amongst political parties and entities. In his treatise of leadership, Michels talks lengthily of the necessity of a leader to be a great orator and communicator.

Jean-Marie Aussant is the provincial MP for Nicolet-Yamaska. He used to be part of the Parti Quebecois, but left a while ago in the gigantic gaggle-fuck of resignations that hit the party over Pauline Marois’ leadership. He has now start his own party, which according to what I understand seeks to consolidate the motivated separatists so that we can have ANOTHER referendum. The horrible video you saw up top is an official video for his new party.

Nearly 100 years after the initial publication of Political Parties, the requirement of being a good orator has largely transformed into having the capacity to communicate effectively over different media. On this point, Aussant has failed… the collection of poorly edited hand-held video clips that he presents to us as official material speaks for itself. Lens flare from dirty optics, totally unmastered audio along with cheesy poses and soundtrack all make the video so tragically bad it almost becomes funny.

I don’t believe that this guy knows what he’s undertaking… with funds and party adhesion a thousand time his, after 2 failed referendums and countless times in power over 40 years of existence, his former employer the Parti Quebecois has still not been able to get a referendum to pass. And this guy expects to win with THIS?

It’s no secret that nationalists are losing a lot of ground these days, so if Aussant REALLY wants to venture in this rocky terrain, he better come well equipped. As of right now, with a platform that reeks of PQ’s leftovers, no (good) promo material, and no big names rallied to his cause means that he’s not going to succeed in a political arena filled with experience players. Especially not with the elections coming up at such a short notice.

Something tells me the upcoming provincial elections are going to be VERY interesting.