This Week’s iPhone Pics (33/52)


Moar like last month’s iPhone pics amirite? Anyways, this week’s combo is Jimmy on Blanko.

  • Last bit of Montreal before takeoff: smoked meat in a bagel. It's doesn't get more local than this. Best airport food I've had so far.
  • Something more exotic: Jamaican beer. I'll be honest, it ain't got shit on the bitter lagers I usually drink up, but in it's context, it's a very nice drink to have. 35SPn in the background: it was on beach duty for a part of my trip.
  • In Florida, cars are clean. This particular picture shows a set of pristine BMW Z3 M Roadster wheels, dubbed Roadstars. 17x9, et8 in the rear... how's that for width and low offset? Near impossible to fit on any vehicle without serious bodywork, camber and tire stretch. Check the lip out on these bad boys. It's the kind of stuff I dream about these days...
  • That's actually a real name for a real shop. Wow.

More pictures of my trip to Miami / the Caribbean via the Carnival Glory are coming up soon… the amount of 30+ shot panos and HDR shots I have to process is kind of slowing down my post-processing routine.