This Week’s iPhone Pics (28/52)


Back on the regular schedule. This week’s combo: Helga Viking on Float.

  • Ahhh, children have the cutest way of spelling... wait... Yeah, it figures that if you think Hoegaarden is top-shelf beer you probably can't spell too good.
  • Rare spotting: a bone-stock second generation Scirocco. Quebec has very little Sciroccos as it is, don't mind the fact that I spotted this specimen on one of the coldest days of the harsh Quebecois winters. Unlike most dubs of this generation still on the road like Mk2s, it had surprisingly little rust, and the inside was flawless. This is the kind of car just asking for a purchase offer note in the windshield.
  • Chimay, a trappiste ale. Goes in smooth, with a full yet uninvasive aftertaste typical of abbey beers.
  • Stouts have competition now. I wasn't really into beer when I last tasted a Porter, so this one was a total rediscovery.