I Work for Best Buy Now


I’ve been tired of flipping burgers for a while, and at some point I even was wondering if I would ever get paid to do something else then chain building junk food before obtaining higher education. After talking to a couple of friends and getting their encouragements to move on to somethig else, I made a man of myself and applied a second time at my local Futureshop, a Best Buy owned banner operating in most of Canada.

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What I`ve Been Up To...


It’s been slow on the blog this month… in fact, for that last couple of months, my posts/week ratio has been getting awefully weaker, as if it wasn’t weak enough to begin with. So whats the reason for this? I had tons (read: megatons) of stuff do over the last weeks, and all those personal projects coupled with school, my McJob and spending a bit of time with the friends and family didn’t leave me lots of time to write up some stuff. The articles are written, thanks to all those wasted Economy class periods, but I just haven’t found the time to write them up.

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Vimeo Rocks!


I’ve been watching online videos even before Youtube got popular, and I’ve seen my share of the other flash based video distribution system from other places, like the ones at Metacafe or Collegehumour. At first I thought the difference in quality that the &fmt=18 Youtube hack (now accessible on each page where higher quality is accessible) was the best thing ever, and it was only many months after that I checked out the in-house system at CollegeHumour and realized how awesome the quality was. Sure, the load times were considerably longer, but if that’s the price to pay for content that looks good full screen on a 720p TV, than I’ll wait the 5 minutes if I have to.

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Mixin Up RSS with RSS Merger


This is the late 2000’s, the age of the new web. The mailing list is dead and gone, and now RSS is the tool that everybody and there grandmothers use to stay in touch with whatever, from the newest gadgets featured on tech sites like Engadget to serious-business news coming straight from CNN. I think RSS is great, but what it lacks is organization. I don’t like polluting my Google Reader with feeds from big blogs, because they usually bury the good content from my blogroll buddies with millions of articles concerning the newest solid gold iPhone, which I don’t really give a crap about.  For a while I used to have 35 RSS gadgets on my iGoogle page, but that lacks practicality too: load times for all those feeds is huge, and I rarely scroll to the bottom, so I end up missing some stuff most of the time.

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