Google Mobile Sync


I love Google. Ever since I’ve registered a Gmail account, I’ve given more of less every one of their services a shot, from the blog search engine to the now defunct Google Browser Sync. Overall, I have found their services reliable, practical, and just kick ass in general. 

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Uppers and Downers


It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. In between school, shitty homework and working 30 hours a week, the little but of time that I used to devote to updating my blogs is now down to very little to none. It seems that it’s when there’s the most stuff going on around you that’s post worthy that you can never find time to post. Anyways… 

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6 Months Later: My Commuter


I’ve posted something about my Kona Explosif rebuild at the beginning of the winter, right after I had posted a check on what I used to ride as a commuter. Back then, the bike I was building didn’t look like much: the frame looked like shit, which can be understood considering the fact that it’s about as old as I am, but all aesthetics aside, the bike as a whole was pretty much all ass-backwards too; I nearly killed myself about 3 times thanks to my craptasticly inefficient chain tensioner and ridiculously crooked chainline.

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How to: Unify Libraries Across Many Installations of iTunes


About may of last year, I built a server for myself, in hopes of centralizing all the storage drives of my house to one constantly on box and simplifying access to files across the four computers on my network. And sure enough, a couple of hours and hundred dollars later I had myself a kick-arse server rig which housed a RAID1 array for my personal use as well as 3 other random storage drives on which the members of my family could store their music, videos and pictures.

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