If it Ain't Broke, Make it Better: The Dream Azureus/Vuze Server Setup


As you might know if you’ve been following my Twitter feed, your’s truly is departing Sunday of this week for a 13 year long military career. This is obviously a very big step in my life, in two ways: I’m going in the Army, which itself will surely affect my lifestyle, career and outlook on life forever. But, leaving for the military also invovles moving out of the family home, and into the RMC St. Jean. Knowing that free time is a very rare thing at St. Jean, I decided to clean up a couple of things I had laying around my room, and finalized some long overdue projects, such as my current case mod which is getting done at a snail’s pace, and a couple of routine maintenance operations on stuff on my home network.

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Making Your Paypal Bank Transfers Instant!


Paypal is a blessing, because it allows anybody to send or receive money online, at no cost, and without the need of having a credit card. However, the painful part is seeing your money take DAYS to make the trip from your bank account to your Paypal recipient. Us Canucks have it extra hard:  American bank account transfers take only 3 to 4 business days, which can easily translate to a full week if you don’t start your transfer on Monday, and the delay is 6-8 business days for Canadian bank accounts. Imagine a situation where I’m buying something online from some eBay store in the US. 10 days for Paypal to clear if you count a weekend in, and then at LEAST 4-5 days for shipping and processing and whatever else the stuff has to go through before getting slammed on my doorstep by an idiot dressed in brown. In my book, that’s 15 days before I get my stuff. 15 days is over 2 weeks, and two weeks is half a month. Half a month is a 24th of a year, and a 24th of a year is pretty darned long.

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[OCN] Windows 7, the Ambassador of x64?

Most people who buy pre-built computers usually find comfort in XP's user experience, and are ready to sacrifice some RAM to get that comfort. But as an enthusiast, it brings tears to my eyes. Why would anybody want to waste RAM? You payed for 4 gigs, why are you only using 3? The solution to this problems is obviously getting people to adopt and keep 64 bit operating systems, and there isn't a million operating system vendors out there; the one company that can make things change is Microsoft. What MS doesn't seem to realize, is that they have the tool to finalize that transition out in the hands of the public right now: Windows 7.

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Norton Tech Support Gives Away Free Product Keys!


I was at work the other day, a lady came up wanting a preventive checkup (included in her extended warranty) and AV reinstall on her Mac. As funny as I thought the idea of having an antivirus product on a Mac was, I sold the lady the latest Norton AV for Mac, and took her computer in for a parts check. Turns out PC-Check doesn’t have the right drivers to run on a Mac, as the keyboard stops working once it boots (tested with 6.05 and 6.21), but a custom launcher with command line arguments works flawlessly.

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