Mt. Baldy Tees Up For Sale!


Jared Souneyis a Portland-based photograph and graphics designer who’s done a lot of work in BMX and skate.He has been on both my Twitter friends list and RSS reader for a while now. I can’t recall where I was linked to him, but I do know that the moment I landed on his site, I bookmarked and grabbed a feed: his stuff is tight.

He posted a picture that he took of the infamous Mt. Baldy spot in Cali recently on Twitter, telling us that he was going to get it printed. Upon popular demand from the many BMX/skate twits, he just today let a limit amount of the Mt. Baldy shirts loose for the public to buy, right off of the Yobeat webstore.

The shirt is sick. One of my non-skater and non-biker friends came up to me as I was ordering mine, and asked me what the heck the shirt was. I was expecting the usual "oh... BMX" kind of reply from him as I explained what exactly Baldy was all about, and to my surprise, he actually commented on how rad it look. I agreed, and happily zapped off a couple of dollars from my Paypal account. Like I said, although I don't have a number, Jared has said that this is a very limited run, and that it will be the only series, so you might want to hurry up if you want to get one. Buy them here off the Yobeat store.