Motorola PEBL U6: Solid, No-Fuss Phone, and it's not a RAZR


Razrs are everywhere. My friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, septic tank drainers, pushers and hookers have Razrs. It was quite a revolutionary phone at it’s launch, but today they are some many in the wild that owning one of those will get people to whisper “conformist” to you on the streets. I’m usually more of a right side kind of person, but really, some trends, like the Razr, get to a point where it’s almost an insult to individuality.

When I was looking for my first phone, I wanted something like me: really hot. Just kidding. I wanted something functional, with decent looks and that extra special touch that makes it mine, as well as mobile internet, Java and Bluetooth ready. After looking at the Motoral L series, my choice landed on the PEBL U6, still from Moto, mostly because it had all I wanted, but also because my service provider, Fido, didn’t carry it, and after buying 2 of those phones, I have no regrets.

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