Mid-2013 Apple Macbook Air: A More Likely Match Than You'd Think


I have recently made the switch to a Mac, and really wanted to share my experience. Turns out it took the form of a review, where I focus on matching the product to the customer, something which I had applied many times as a part of my job but never really had done for myself. The new Haswell-powered Macbook Air turned out to be a perfect match for me, for the reasons which I thoroughly underline in this rather long review. It’s a long read, but if you are a power user considering rethinking your computer setup and a Mac is somewhere in the options you have contemplated, I’m sure this review can keep the reflexion going. Here is a sample.

This not going to be your typical review. I did not benchmark my new Mac, because many others did it before me with a methodological zeal that I could't possibly surpass. If you want specs, numbers and comparisons, there are other outlets for that. This review is going to focus on matching your needs to a computer, and the case study of my unlikely purchase of this product. Grab a drink because it'll take a while. I'm an overkill kind of guy. I also happen to work in computer repair and have certain discounts with certain manufacturers. Before converting to Mac, I had a PC which was frankly just way too much for what I did with it. RAID0'ed Intel SSDs, another RAID array for file storage, unlocked i7 processor with insane amounts of the highest speed memory I could get my hands on… if you're into computers, you know what I'm talking about, top of the line everything. One day I thought: what for? I had built this machine to handle anything, and by anything I mean any video game. At 21 and in the middle of higher education, I no longer had time for videos games; except for the occasional binge of Assassin's Creed over the holidays, I barely even felt like I wanted to play games anyways. The rest of my activities on a computer, mostly comprised of surfing the web and listening to music through iTunes, didn't require such a monster rig. Within a week of this realization, I had sold my computer, and started a rational analysis of my computer-related needs in an effort to find a replacement.

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