Internet Ownage...


It never get’s old. I’m not going to lie, I appreciate getting into arguments with people over the internet (or over any other medium really), and I get kicks out of winning. How doesn’t. The latest to respond to my provocation was photographer, middle-aged man and twitter big-shot Scott Bourne. (Yes Scott, I’m still giving you link love, I hope we can still be friends!)

Mr. Bourne is an apparently very successful self-employed photographer who runs who recently bought a Dodge Challenger SRT8, and has been keeping his readers aware of the mods he has been outfitting his new vehicle with via Twitter. From the very start, I’m not an American car kind of guy, but I made no comment. His latest tweet about his new mirror decals however needed to be called out.

The outcome: I am blocked from following his twitter profile and can therefore no longer enter his camera gear draws. But on the bright side, my remarks did earn me two followers.