Flickr Uploadr Hits Version 3, Massive Improvement


It’s a first: I’m one of the first to blog about a piece of software. A happy coincidence really: in the process of the downgrading from Vista to XP x64, I formatted and lost all of my software, and it’s today, while trying to upload a single stupid little diagram, that I thought that I might want to download the Uploadr again. And guess what? The boys and girls at Flickr have been building a newer, more complete versions of the oh so plain Uploadr 2.

Stunning ain’t it? You can now edit all the information about uploaded images right from your computer either individually or as a batch, which makes for a easier management of tags on individual photos and quicker file naming compared to the original “load a page, edit, repeat” process. The original photo management interface was pretty slick, AJAXy and all, but for those with trying to edit titles and description on a tethered cellphone internet connection, loading a complete page is pretty frustrating and a desktop application makes much more sense. Right before upload, everything can be edit; title, description, tags, privacy settings and all. Hurray for Flickr for not going several steps deeper into the browser-based hype that is clogging up our intertubez.

Nice thing since I just renewed my Flickr Pro account for another 2 years.

Check it out: Flickr Uploadr 3

Lifehacker also tells us that Pro users also get an addition goodie, Flickr stats, which keeps tracks of views, reposts, linkage and a ton of other metrics, but I enabled that just a few minutes ago, I’ll have to wait a bit to review it.

Oh and for the record. Flickr >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Picasa.