Canadian iPhone Plans Are a Ripoff


As we all know, the second gen iPhone is coming out July 11th, and this is where us igloo dwelling Canadians are finally getting the chance to get our paws on some hot 3g enabled and oh so cool iPhone. Buttt…. there’s a but.

We already all know that Canadians are getting grossly overcharged for mobile voice and data services, but with the iPhone, things are getting worst. In comparison to what AT&T offers in the US, the iPhone plans that Fido/Rogers offer are ridiculously expensive. I was planning on getting an iPhone myself as my next phone following the announcement that Fido, a Roger’s owned subsidiary, would be offering the Jesus-phone too, but after peeking at the rates, I’ll stick to buying a cheap Nettop and carrying it around. Who the hell is going to pay over 60$ per month for a basic plan here when an unlimited plan in the states it goes for 30$?

The way I’m seeing this, either Apple, Rogers, or both are trying to screw off what they consider a small market. It’s about time that mobile carriers stop treating us like shit and give us plans that make some sense. For people like me who have been patiently waiting for a no-hacks-required iPhone in Canada, this is a giant ball of snot spat right to our faces.

I encourage you to sign the petition for better iPhone plans, and to spread the word on your own web property. In this era where it’s all about coupling data and mobility, we have to fight back. Show some support!