I Work for Best Buy Now

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I've been tired of flipping burgers for a while, and at some point I even was wondering if I would ever get paid to do something else then chain building junk food before obtaining higher education. After talking to a couple of friends and getting their encouragements to move on…

The Life and Times of a Shift Worker

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This past weekend was pretty hardcore work-wise. I had asked my bosses to do a little bit more night shifts, as to rake a bit more bacon on my paychecks (this bike ain't paying for itself), and they didn't do things half way: next thing I know I'm scheduled for…

Getting a Tech Job: Am I Really Bulletproof?

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It's been almost a year since I started working at McDonalds. Although it was somewhat tough in the beginning, working there turned out to be a fun, profitable experience, and still is. However, dued to several factors, which include pressure from parents and friends, I have decided to slowly start…