This Week's iPhone Pics (1/52)

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I'm not going to lie, this concept was stolen very strong inspired by Nuno Oliveira's own "The Week in iPhone Photos" series. I've always wanted to start a photography project like a 365, but with my erratic shooting phases, the annoy particularity of film of being hard (harder,…

I Work for Best Buy Now

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I've been tired of flipping burgers for a while, and at some point I even was wondering if I would ever get paid to do something else then chain building junk food before obtaining higher education. After talking to a couple of friends and getting their encouragements to move on…

What I`ve Been Up To...

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It's been slow on the blog this month... in fact, for that last couple of months, my posts/week ratio has been getting awefully weaker, as if it wasn't weak enough to begin with. So whats the reason for this? I had tons (read: megatons) of stuff do over the… In for a Rough Ride

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Sadly, dued to my bricked wrist and money issues, I am not currently in a position to renew my hosting plan with Josh, who has been hosting my blog from the start, about 2 years ago. In order for my blog to not totally go down, I managed to get…