Lian Li PC-V354B: Small is the New Big

Post by Maxime Rousseau

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As a computer enthousiast, I have live the most part of my life dreaming of big computer rigs. Gigantic cases with massive airflow, push-pull fan setups on everything, LED-lit this and that, all that jazz. After owning progessively bigger and bigger cases, from a Thermaltake Armor Jr (standard ATX mid-tower)…

ThermalTake V1 CPU Cooler Review

Post by Maxime Rousseau

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If your looking for a high end air cooler that performs abnormally well, even when compared to some of the lower end liquid cooling systems, look no further. I bought this mostly for the looks, and because I absolutely wanted something from Thermaltake, but I got way more than what…

Fr0stByte, It's Complete.

Post by Maxime Rousseau

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Take a look at this baby. After countless hours of messing around drawing crappy schematics in class and buying crap off ebay, it's finally finished.... the aesthetical part at least. All stock fans are replaced by blue LED 120mm, that push about 60 CFM each, with the Thermaltake V1 cooler…

Cable Management Saves the Day!

Post by Maxime Rousseau

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After lots of hesitation on if I should or not give another shot at what I used to proudly call a "cable optimization job", I finally got off my chair to crawl under my desk and get the damned thing done. After some 2 hours of  messing around…