Laïcité, liberticide et opportunisme

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Je ne voulait pas en venir à ça. Le sujet m'emmerde profondément, parce que sous sa forme actuelle il s'agit plus de shit-disturbing de souverainiste plus qu'un enjeux véritable. Je doit tout de même l'adresser parce que l'ampleur du débat (ou plutôt du bruit produit de part et autres) l'exige:…

52B/52W, Week 4: Fin de cycle

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Fin de cycle - Mathieu Bock-Côté Mathieu Bock-Coté is another author whom I had the pleasure of being able to listen to, and speak to, before reading his book. Here again, the habits in writing are very similar to his manners of speech. In a conference I had in my…

52B/52W, Week 2: Nationalisme et Démocratie

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Nationalisme et Démocratie: Réflexions sur les illusions des indépendentistes québécois - Jean-Pierre Derriennic I'm not gonna lie, I only read this because I'm a fanboy. Mr. Derriennic is a teacher of mine at the political science faculty of the University Laval, and one of the most recent addition to my…

GND, MLK and my Challenge to the CLASSE's Ex-Spokesman

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Last semester's student uprisings were a pretty big deal. I think everybody can agree on that. At the head of the this big deal, the representatives of the student movement were put under the media's spotlight, and extensive coverage of student union-initiated activities were presented at every news outlet. The…

Strikes, Boycotts and Court Orders: Torwards Dangerous Precendants

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In this battle against tuition rise, the students have many things going against them, and right after the government itself, the second biggest shit disturber is without a doubt the inside resistance from certain students. Those students, whether ideologically opposed to the whole concept of this "Revolution Erable"…