This Week’s iPhone Pics (32/52)

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First is Salvador on Alfred Infrared, others are Roboto Glitter on Alfred Infrared. The now traditional Monday omelette. 5-6 eggs, an assortment of meats (usually ham and bacon), red onions, metric tons of cheese, and whatever else happens to be in the fridge at the moment pretty much. Protip: a…

This Week’s iPhone Pics (4/52)

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Last week was a fun week. Fixing stuff. Buying stuff. Seeing friends. Drinking beer. I'm going to have to link to a song for that last frame... here you go. Enjoy.…

This Week’s iPhone Pics (2/52)

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See it bigger and leave comments on my Flickr by clicking the image!…

Prime Time

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I've been telling myself to drag my camera around more often when I go places, but because of the nature of where I am at, it's not always easy. But, lately I've been getting better at it. And it somehow turns out that ever since the purchase of my 35mm…

Flickr Uploadr Hits Version 3, Massive Improvement

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It's a first: I'm one of the first to blog about a piece of software. A happy coincidence really: in the process of the downgrading from Vista to XP x64, I formatted and lost all of my software, and it's today, while trying to upload a single stupid little diagram,…