This Week’s iPhone Pics (22/52)

Post by Maxime Rousseau

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This week's combo is Roboto Glitter on Blackeys Ultrachrome. This week I grew tired of my hair, went back to the much-loved milspec cut. Much less hassle in the morning. Nightclubbin'. Still don't get why clubs still buy and use disco balls, these were the pinnacle in the 20s. LED…

This Week’s iPhone Pics (20/52)

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This week's combo was supposed to be John S. on the brand new limited Edition "DreamCanvas" film, but it really, really looked like shit. Seriously, it was just horrible. So instead, enjoy John S on Float. Don't mind the fact that I'm almost a week late. The good:…

This Week’s iPhone Pics (4/52)

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Last week was a fun week. Fixing stuff. Buying stuff. Seeing friends. Drinking beer. I'm going to have to link to a song for that last frame... here you go. Enjoy.…

The Runner's Best Friend

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Any iPhone owner's worst nightmare is forgetting his/her phone at home. It's really amazing how that damned device manages to affirm itself as a necessity for everyday life, and how people freak out when they somehow forget it. I know for a fact that ever since I got mine…

Motorola PEBL U6: Solid, No-Fuss Phone, and it's not a RAZR

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Razrs are everywhere. My friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, septic tank drainers, pushers and hookers have Razrs. It was quite a revolutionary phone at it's launch, but today they are some many in the wild that owning one of those will get people to whisper "conformist" to you on the streets.…