The Free Market Existentialist: Review and Musings

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When I first joined the libertarian camp through my membership and subsequent candidacy in Trois-Rivières for the Libertarian Party of Canada, I had low expectations as to quality of the philosophical discourse I would be hearing. In terms of political philosophy, I had read mostly classical and post-war liberals (those…

52B/52W, Week 8: Simulacre et simulation

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Simulacres et simulation - Jean Baudrillard I had one more week to read something not related to my university work, and I decided to go hard in the proverbial paint. I've been wanting to read this since I've heard about it on a documentary showing off the philosophical content of…

52B/52W, Week 5: Discours de la Méthode

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Discours de la méthode - René Descartes The low end of higher education is frustrating because you are told plenty of very interesting things which were thought up by very interesting people, but usually totally out of their original context, thrown at you to understand and memorize; exam fodder basically.…

52B/52W, Week 3: L'existentialisme est un humanisme

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L'existentialisme est un humanisme - Jean-Paul Sartre I used to be very weary of the philosophical writings of the second half of 20th century, particularly that of France. Introductions to the subject given in CEGEP seemed to highlight the fact that everything concerning philosophy coming out of France was somehow…