[OCN] My Thoughts on Core i7

Post by Maxime Rousseau

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Everybody knows that we, members of OCN, have a serious problem. Look at it from an average Joe perspective: we spend thousands on high end computers, and at every single occasion we go out and browse Newegg on a quest to find an upgrade for our systems, which according to…

Raid in Linux: Easier than it Looks

Post by Maxime Rousseau

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Disk redundancy is something that I've been wanting in my home server for quite a while now, and since I now make¬†(relatively)¬†huge paychecks for working somewhere else than McDonalds, I thought that with the traditional HDD's prices plumetting because of the increasinly competitive SSD segment taking over, it…

EVGA 680i SE SLI Epinions Review

Post by Maxime Rousseau

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At first, I was a little skeptical to buy with EVGA at all... I wanted to build a premium gaming rig, and all I could think about was Asus, Asus, Asus, and XFX. Sure, having a reknown brand is great, but they, with their notoriety in the market, make you…