The Internet of Things Needs Integrators, Not Gadgets

Post by Maxime Rousseau

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Crowd-funding and the sharp drop in development costs for internet connected device has given us both an onslaught of useless gadgets, and the much overused buzzword "Internet of Things", or IoT. The concept has been pushed way past the borders of absurdity, as highlighted by the likes of…

Bypassing Bell Fibe FTTH Hub with Ubiquiti EdgeMAX Equipment

Post by Maxime Rousseau

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Whenever I have to interact with big telcos, I inevitably come to ask myself why they are still in business. It's a wonder that companies that are so big and so dysfunctional on so many levels still have any customers at all. I've recently had to do an ISP switchover…

Internet Ownage...

Post by Maxime Rousseau

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It never get's old. I'm not going to lie, I appreciate getting into arguments with people over the internet (or over any other medium really), and I get kicks out of winning. How doesn't. The latest to respond to my provocation was photographer, middle-aged man and twitter big-shot Scott Bourne.…

Set Gmail as Your Default Mail Client

Post by Maxime Rousseau

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To me, mail clients are a thing that belong to the old internet, alongside all the other nasty Web 1.0 garbage: animated gifs of rotating type, cheesy repeating wallpapers and ugly text formatting are amongst those. I've been using GMail ever since I was OH-SO-LUCKY to receive an invite…

Cogeco Pulls a Comcast

Post by Maxime Rousseau

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The internet has grown exponentially in the last decade, everybody knows that. The web has quickly grown from a collection of web pages and some mail/ftp/irc/whatever else servers sprinkled here in there, to a massive, multi-gazillion machine network, on which enormous amounts of data is exchange, and…