52B/52W, Week 5: Discours de la Méthode

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Discours de la méthode - René Descartes The low end of higher education is frustrating because you are told plenty of very interesting things which were thought up by very interesting people, but usually totally out of their original context, thrown at you to understand and memorize; exam fodder basically.…

52B/52W, Week 2: Nationalisme et Démocratie

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Nationalisme et Démocratie: Réflexions sur les illusions des indépendentistes québécois - Jean-Pierre Derriennic I'm not gonna lie, I only read this because I'm a fanboy. Mr. Derriennic is a teacher of mine at the political science faculty of the University Laval, and one of the most recent addition to my…

52B/52W, Week 1: Militant Modernism

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Militant Modernity - Owen Hatherley I have to thank my dad for making me read this, though he didn't recommend it. I ordered a photo book for him, a retrospective of Balthazar Korab's architectural photography (extremely nice hardcover photo book for that price by the way), and was a few…

On Knowing and the Start of my 52 Books in 52 Weeks

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Overall, I'd like to think I'm a well balanced guy. In these times where the mal du siecle is largely thought to be stress and anxiety, I believe myself to be more or less in control of my self and my situation and therefor immune to this. However, I do…