Free Dakota: A Review

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Let me start this off by stating that I'm probably not the good person to review fiction. Following my review of The Free Market Existentialist, Dr. Irwin offered to send me a review copy of his recently released Free Dakota, and I gladly accepted after highlighting the fact that I…

The Free Market Existentialist: Review and Musings

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When I first joined the libertarian camp through my membership and subsequent candidacy in Trois-Rivières for the Libertarian Party of Canada, I had low expectations as to quality of the philosophical discourse I would be hearing. In terms of political philosophy, I had read mostly classical and post-war liberals (those…

52B/52W, Week 10: Irak La Machine Infernale

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Irak la machine infernale – Samir al-Khalil Remember Derriennic from my second post? This book is his fault. As a matter of fact, many books I own are his fault: I went absolutely nuts one night with his reading list for his Middle East class, and bought something like 200$ of…

52B/52W, Week 8: Simulacre et simulation

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Simulacres et simulation - Jean Baudrillard I had one more week to read something not related to my university work, and I decided to go hard in the proverbial paint. I've been wanting to read this since I've heard about it on a documentary showing off the philosophical content of…

52B/52W, Week 7: Ethique à l'usage de mon fils

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Ethique à l'usage de mon fils - Fernando Savater Another CEGEP read from my flat-mate's bookshelf... the next book to be review is a quite rough read, so I had to read something lighter. While I didn't learn much from this book, I'm still glad I got my hands on…