The Wisecracker

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I've only got one word for this thing: AWESOME! This marvelously thought up piece of machined aluminum was featured on BikeSnobNYC last tuesday, and from the moment I saw it I knew I had to get myself one. Ahrens made it easy too, you can order a Wisecracker directly from…

Meet the Malum

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If you've been following my Twitter, you've known it for a while now: I have been craving for a fixed gear for a while now. The interest was spawned last summer when I started reading BikeSnobNYC, which led me to places like Fyxomatosis, Prolly is not Probably, and Trackosaurus Rex.…


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I've always considered myself as someone with reasonable goals, means and demands in everything that I do. For example, I'm into computers, yet I've NEVER had a flagship PCB product (graphics card or whatever) anywhere near my machine, because it's just too god damned expensive. Same thing with photography: I…

New Shirt: Éclaté

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Exam period... not much time to update these days. It's gonna slow down though... hopefully enough so that I can manage to ride my bike and write stuff while working enough to afford a fixie. Speaking of being able to afford a fixie: I have a new shirt up for…

Trials Ain't Cool?

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Just in case you don't read Bike Snob on a regular basis, have a look at this. [youtube=] After such a mind-blowing video, I dare anyone to make fun of trials. I too have…