Photography on the ‘Tubes

August 19, 2008 § 6 Comments

I found this user on Youtube about a month ago, and I thought I might share it and give him linkage, because the stuff is outstanding. If you’re into photography and the gear used in the latter, you have to check this out.

Lilkiwi87, aka Joseph Spina, is a 20 year old pro photographer currently working for the National Geographic. The dude’s packing a Master’s in Photography, and his education combined with incredible experience from working for the world’s most reknown magazine makes him a reference for anything photography. Joseph decided to make his youtube profile into a one stop source for photography tutorials and info on Nikon gear. Despite joining only 6 months ago, Joseph has posted 83+ videos containing outstanding Nikon gear reviews and in-camera how-tos, as well as more general tutorials on photography that can be applied to any camera, concerning stuff from bokeh to how to clean filters correctly. Heck, for you real photography wizzes, he also seems to enjoy giving away high end gear once in a while, making the giveaways into questionnaires that are insanely tough.

What I really like is that unlike many big Youtubers, he actually takes the time to respond to many of the comments posted on his video, given they are relevant, and what surprised me most, he gives out his EMAIL (!) on his profile, inviting beginner photographers to ask their questions directly. This guy churns out OUTSTANDING videos, both quality and content wise, yet he keeps it real and stays friendly with the photo noobs like myself.

I don’t know why he doesn’t have over 1k subscribers yet… his stuff is tight.

Check out his youtube channel, and be sure to subscribe! You also might be interested in his personal website, which contains a crapload of photography tips, tuts, and articles also.

This guy is full of shit. The DPReview community has time and time again criticized him for his bogus identity and the false information he spreads. While there might be some truth in what the guy says… you’re better off listening to other REAL experts.


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§ 6 Responses to Photography on the ‘Tubes

  • I kinda like his tacky fish header thing.

    Nice find.

  • sam says:

    and you actually believe his stuff?

  • Why shouldn’t I?

    I’ve looked up your name and email and found your flickr and other stuff you have on the web. You put out great photos too, but why would you diss somebody who’s obviously better than you, aka working for the National Geographic? He couldn’t get his hands on all this Nikon stuff if he wasn’t pro.

    If you feel his stuff is total bullocks, than please link me your channel and let’s see who’s got better content.

    Then, I’ll be happy to subscribe to your channel also 😉

  • Garland Cary says:

    Maxime, do you actually read National Geographic magazine yourself? Have you actually seen Joseph Spina’s work in National Geographic? You can’t have, because it’s not. Why? Because he doesn’t work for National Geographic. Call the Society yourself and inquire. Also call Brook’s Institute, from which he allegedly obtain his Master’s Degree. Their only knowledge of him will be from the calls they’ve gotten from folks trying to verify he was a student there or is currently teaching–neither of which is true. Don’t just take the word, or video, of an unqualified person on the web as gospel. If a stranger showed up at your door with a camera and a book of prints, offering to help you learn photography, would you just let him in, or would you verify his identity and check his references thoroughly first?

  • Wow… I feel bad giving some link love to this phony. Thanks for the heads up.

    I will edit the post to include the geocities page. Thanks for waking me up. I was actually believing what that guy was telling us.

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