Photography, Here I Come!

May 17, 2008 § 1 Comment

It was inevitable. Geeks like expensive toys, and beautiful stuff, and what more beautiful and expensive than photography? Every single geek that I know is into photography somehow: Francois-Olivier Bergeron, one of my oldest friend’s brother and bigtime tech enthousiast has been sporting higher end Canon DSLR stuff for over a year now, Mark Langenfeld, an ex-coposter from (sadly, I stopped posting there :() also is into urban photography, let’s face it, I was doomed to start taking pictures myself.

Of course, I’ve been taking pictures for a while now with the Sony DSC-S500 that my parents bought me a couple of Christmases ago, but the camera just ain’t cutting it anymore. I need some more high end stuff.

I’ve been looking around for a camera for about 2 to 3 months now, but it’s really only 2 weeks ago that my choiced landed on the Nikon D40. The infamous DPreview gives it an excellent rating, and for a noob like me who is looking for a quality entry DSLR, it’s price tag and feature set is awesome. I’ve also seen some wicked sample shots on Flickr, everything to prime me into buying it.

This afternoon, all I was supposed to buy was a cap. I ended up, partially dued to my own hast of buying and some pressure from the salesman, I ended up buying the D40 kit, which includes a Nikkor 18-55 lense. I cannot find the correct words to express how hyped I am about this camera… I sense this is the beginning of something great. One of my dad’s friends who is a pro photographer AND fully Nikon equipped also said that I could probably borrow some lenses once in a while, so that’s a plus too. According to the salesman, it’ll be here by friday of next week. Just look at this thing.

I’m having the impression that this camera will induce a lot of other expensive purchases: filters, lenses, a tripod, the Peleng fisheye I’ve been looking at…. eh. You gotta put your money somewhere, right?

In those times, I’m happy to be a Flickr Pro user :).


§ One Response to Photography, Here I Come!

  • Thanks for the link and congrats on the purchase. I’ve heard that the D40 is an amazing camera.

    Why are you not on DIC anymore? That is sad. If there is anything I can do to help you consider coming back please let me know.

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